Do you need a room,ask me!



"Hola" Boys and girls... 8)
I just found some room´s for rent today.So if you are in Ibiza right now or will be coming in this week,call me and we can talk about it.And the room´s I found today are the most cheapest until now and the peopel I have asked here say that this is as cheap as it gets.1 single room cost 360 euro for 1 month.And if there some of you there will spilt a bigger room with 3 persons,will it only cost 240 euro.

And for them that don´t no me.I´m a boy age 22 from Denmark.and I´m working on Ibiza.I will be staying here until the end of september.
If you need to ask me about some worke,a room or you just want to meet you can call me by this number:0034-617070301!And remeber if you are in spain,just call 617070301!I also speak german.

If you are looking for the greatest time in your life,,,Are IBIZA the place
me and my friend are going to ibiza around 10 / 15 june for a few months at least.... we might be interested in a room, if there's anything free.... let me know.....
If one of the rooms is still available, please email me!! thnx