Do you know a place to work at ibiza this summer?? :?




I know, I'm not the only one, but yeahh i'm also planning to go to ibiza around may/june to work there! I already have been at Ibiza for a holiday and i just can't ait to go back!! So the only thing left for me to do is to find a job... first i thought it wouldn't be that hard, but now i know that it isn't easy at all when you're not on the island itself. I'm not giving up though, so if someone knows something for me, email me!!! In the first place, I'm looking for a job in a bar or something (i already have experience, so that's easy) but i guess i have to be satisfied with everything right now.. :rolleyes: thnx anyway! greetz Kim (I'm from Holland..)
It will be hard to get a job on the island without actually being there
all the jobs are gonna be snatched up over the next few weeks.
There will be plenty of jobs that come along throughout the season as people leave or change jobs
Do you want to work at night or during the day.
If you can speak spanish you can get all sorts of jobs
It will be hard for you to get a job while your still at home as people will want to meet you and interview you.