do you all stay faithfull???

I met my boyfriend last yaer too we met in June and got it together in July,we have been commuting between Dublin and England all year but we'll both be back out this year.We have had 2 lovely holidays in Barbados and in Rome.I've never been so happy,I just miss him a lot
,I would never cheat on him and he made me a website on how much he loves me and I've had his name tatooed on my hip last week :p
I'm forced to cheat on my Stella, simply beacuse I can't go too long without, y'know, "it" ;)

My spanish flings are always with the sexy sounding Coronita, who satisfies my needs in that area quite sufficiently.
:lol: I want a website :lol: Altho the time it takes Tom to send me an e-mail I fear I might be waiting a long time for my own website :lol:

i loved the early days of the web when everyone had a website convinced they would get millions of hits


although my sister's david duchovny site used to get 600 hits a day :eek:
well i used to do the random snogging is the last period of my marriage because we were hurting eachother so much. today im falling for someone who mentally stimulates me so much, id never give any other person a single thought!