do u think its worth it


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ok so heres the problem,my mate is coming back from uni in a few weeks and the guy says he wants to go to ibiza but cant afford a package holiday,theres 5 of us going including him and i suggested we book a package holiday up for 4 of us while my mate gets the easyjet flight out and bunks the hotel,do u think this is a good idea,just asking cause while working out there last year i met different groups of people i already knew from back home and bunked the hotel and got away with it while in some hotels i got caught and nearly got mates chucked out of there hotels,i dont want my mate to have his holiday ruined,unless u can come up with any better ideas.
it is a good idea if u don't mess in the hotel there will no problem with someone bunking in
in Ibiza they know ALL the tricks in the book, but there are some places you can get away with´it...if youre staying in a place where the hotel or the rooms itself is in another building from the reception and if the reception is closed during late hours....good luck mates!
I was going to try that with my friend cause they were staying in different hotel at same time and thought why both pay for seperate hotels...but i thought better of it. Wouldnt want that chance of being chucked out on our a$$ with no place to stay and they still got my money.

Its gutsy if your gonna do it.
i would be tempted to give it a try...i am guessing if the hotel find out they will kick him out or make him pay but saying that if you aint too noisy and dont draw too much attention i would think u will be fine
ouch! i wouldnt think ud be able to bunk in. some hotels might kick u out if they catch u as well, and u gotta think if its worth watchin ur back everytime u come in.- And the maid might blab!- just some things to think bout.

Sayin that i am the prince of paranoia and im sure its been done before and doable- the hardest thing would be getting ur suitcase past reception!

mmmm, that's hard and risky....they (hotels personnel) got much control on almost everything.

I remember the last time I was in a resort town hotel, although the first two days when we got into the dining room we chose the table we wanted, the third day one waiter told us to sit always at the same table from that day on in order to control the people. He told us there were some people on half board who were trying to get two meals per day besides breakfast.

I also remember another anecdote in another hotel. One man was about to get into the dining room when we were having dinner, and a waiter told him to get out the hotel. He said that man was recorded in many hotels because he used to sneake into them so as to have a free meal.
I let my mate bunk in with myself and 'de mrs' a couple of years ago and didn't have any problems. As everyone has said, be discreet and you'll be fine. Loadsa people do it. If its a big hotel/apartment complex the management will never be able to keep a track on everyone coming and going. Don't leave any hints for the cleaners though ie bed on the floor.
It really all depends on where your stayin. we were gonna do it last year when a couple of our mates were flyin out for the second week of our holiday but it turned out the place we were stayin in was really strict so they ended up just payin.
you know wot i wouldn't risk being slung out and with no where to go or stay b/c everywhere is booked up

be safe! not stupid! 8)
agree with that

2 of us went a couple of years ago and another guy wanted to come along and bunk down but we said no - weren't gonna risk our hols just cos he couldn't decide to go earlier.
We got away with it last year, three of us went out for two weeks and got a one bed apt and a m8 joined us for the second week, we had no problems, we used to split up and walk into the hotel in pairs and i suppose because it was two fellas and two girls we didnt look too suspicious, worth a try! worst come to worst you'll have too cough up the dough