Do they sell Razors in whips?


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Now dont laugh people!

This is serious! Honest!

Im hoping to only take hand luggae through with me next week so if i do that they wont let me take a razor and stuff on board so i'll have to buy one out there!

The only shop that springs to mind at the moment is whips for some reason, so do they sell them in whips or will i have to venture elsewhere to purchase a razor to stop myslef looking like even more of a monkey?
You definitely can't take razors in handluggage, they are really strict on it now. No razors, scissors, tweezers, anything like that. I wouldn't even bother taking one cos they will only confiscate it off you.
How long are you going for? How come you can get away with only hand luggage?
I'm sure I've taken tweezors and razors in my handluggage recently. We've never had it thoroughly checked which is a bit worrying, really.

Don't know how they can justify that £8 'security' tax when it seems even more lapse than before.
Last year the checks seemed to be really strict but this year on flights i've been on i know its less strict again :rolleyes:
Im going for a week and was hoping that by taking a minimum amount of stuff i could get away with only taking hand luggage, but the more i think about it, the more i think that im gonna need a suitcase!
What airline you going on?

Most are being very stingy/strict with hand luggage size/weight these days.........