Do i go out?



Hi all,

Erm my flight gets into Ibiza @ 1:20 so lets say an hour or so to get to the Hotel. Would it be worth going out @ about 3? Or should i just get some rest:?:
how long are you staying for? If it were me I'd check in maybe go poolside (if you have one)..a little swim...drink a lot of water. Then take a shower and power nap for an hour or two. How's that sound?- The fun's not going anywhere :D
I was thinking about going to Xtravaganza @ Privilege. What time does it finish? How much would i have to pay for entry?
It's a Friday night so you have the choice (roughly) of Ministry @ Pacha or Extravaganza @ Privilege.

Both nights probably better than any of the Saturday nights whcihc would leave you fresh for Space on Sunday. Personally I'd go to Xtravaganza as I prefer trance, and Ministry can be too busy.

You could always try Storm at Inox on the Friday night if you liked Hard House - it won't be expensive there either. 2-3am isn't too late to go clubbing in Ibiza!
What about Stereo@Amnesia.. what is the vibe about that one?
you'll be an hour from touchdown before you get to the terminal. then another waiting for your luggage to arrive. then another waiting on your coach for somebody who's got lost, then another visiting every hotel in jmc's register, then the final hour waiting to check in. then it'll be time to get up for work - so perhaps best not to go out.

hope this helps

We got to our hotel about 4ish so we just went out for a drink in a bar, and watched the sunrise, which was a pretty cool way to spend our first few hrs in Ibiza!

or wot u could do is go to the carry on at space.
but no 3 is not to late to go out, clubs don't really get going till then, and you can stay longer into the next morning.
Cheers all,

i think i am gonna see how it gos and decide when i get there... :) :)