Do big events get sold out? or too packed to allow peeps in?



Its my first time to ibiza with couple of my friends, were ariving the same day tiesto is playing at amnesia. I wanted to know if we will be able to buy tickets that same day, Or will we have any problems? If the club gets too packed do they stop letting people in?

We planned our trip so we make sure we go to cream to see tiesto and pvd. I don't want to miss out on it and regret not doing something before.
It's HIGHLY unlikely that it would be sold out. This was a prior topic of discussions on the spotlight board. When you get to Ibiza just purchase your pre-sale/advance tickets at any bar/record shop (Mega Music/Delta Disco). You'll save 10 Euros, if you decide to pay at the door then that will cost you approximately 50 Euros.

I've never had to wait for more than a few minutes, if that long to get into a club in Ibiza. If you're concerned about wait time in a line then just get there around midnight.
Thanks Premile, that pretty much summed it up.

If only something were to happen, I would I try so hard to get in. Let it be from bribery to crawling through some vent on the roof, Tiesto and pvd cannot be missed, that is something to experience and remember, also with the amount of money being spent I could not afford to miss it.
TooTooSe said:
If only something were to happen, I would I try so hard to get in.

I really doubt you'll have any problems getting in. I've been there three times (in July/August) and never saw a club sold out. Again, if you're really concerned about getting in -- I believe Cream@Amnesia opens around 11 or 12, get there when they opening and you're in -- don't worry ;)
I have no personal experiences with Sold Outs, but i heard that many had to wait to get inside space closing 2 years ago...even the ones with tickets!!!
They don't sell out as they just keep packing more and more into the clubs from what I gather.

So upside is you will get in, downside is that there may not be the room to dance!
Cream never gets to full. Space gets really rammed and the queue sometimes doesn't move for hours. The cocoon club also gets really full at amnesia. 8)
Always just walked straight in, and theres plenty of room when i've been. And that was in aug 2 years ago(or was it 3?). Still a good crowd but not rammed like space or cocoon club@ amnesia. 8)
i went last year and the year before and i have to say, and think others would agree that it is very rammed, and i'm talking shoulder to shoulder rammed.

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Cream never gets full cos they are willing to fit ever man, woman and child in the world in there for those events...

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