djx2 - pres. Questions 037 with Tom Bailey


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Here's my next instalment on my Questions podcast. Its up a day earlier as i also need to get a new mix sorted this week for DI.FM. In this episode i have an exclusive guest mix from up & coming DJ Tom Bailey. Hope you enjoy!!


01. Paul Allen - Your Heart (Michael Cassette Remix)
02. Sunn Jellie - Sail (Synthetic Sound System Remix)
03. Alexander Kostruba - 741 (Santiago Nino Remix)
04. Paul Hunter - Control (Original Mix)
05. J.O.C. - Jetlag Dancer (Original Mix)
06. Evol Waves - Sunrise In Georgia (Original Mix)
07. Filterheadz - Day At The Beach (Remix)
08. Ketho ft. Michael Calderone - Silent Room (Original Mix)
09. Memento - No Escape (Original Mix)
10. Waterspark - Fairway (Mat Zo Remix)
11. Marcel Woods - Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates (Milka Version)

Tom Bailey

01. Remy 'Inflate' [68]
02. Mark Trophy 'Ripper' [Toolroom]
03. Onionz 'Nothin But Love' (Tiger Stripes Instrumental Remix) [Toolroom]
04. Kaskade & Deadmau5 'I Remember' (Instrumental) [Mau5trap]
05. Alex Gold 'Energy Bomb' (Adam K & Soha Remix) [Xtravaganza]
06. Gold Ryan & Tapesh 'Open System' [CR2]
07. Criss Source & High Rollers 'Fortuna' (Memento Remix) [Supra]
08. Lustral 'Everytime' (Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher Dub) [Baroque]
09. Clear View ft Jessica 'Tell Me' (Max Graham Remix) [Songbird]
10. Musetta 'Red Star' (Michael Cassette Remix) [Morrison]

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