Djs/bars/parties that play deep/disco/funky house in IBZ12?


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Hi Guys...

I would like to know if you can name djs that have set with

:arrow:Deep house
:arrow:disco house
:arrow:funky house
(live musican that play the violin, sax: not very funky :confused: to make people dance...All you need is DruMZ Baby 8))

i'm not into progressive house , no techno, electro stuff minimal, Trance ect...

i was looking on youtube this day but here the kinds of djs that play house music that will be fine for me.

Anna Tur
Marco Loco
Sam Divine
Juanjo Martin
Rene Amesz
Camilo Franco
Ramon Castells
Danny marquez
Oscar Cano
franck o moraighi
Monika Kruse
jon sa trincha
Defected djs i guess but did not check it
too bad there is no more David morales, Danny Tenaglia...

for the vid i've watched i don't like
d guetta, luciano , steve aoki; christian valera,fedde le grand :confused: eric prydZ (have to check for bob sinclar set kid creme set..),
i'm not into ralph lawson (brique rouge label),2 many dj's,sasha not into sublimal sound..dan ghenacia etc...

For the matinée djs i was a fan but their music turn to a kind of electro/trancy stuff :confused:
What about Jason bye set? i remember one amazing track from 2001:Vinny's Groove;

HeY house lovers: Wake up 8) gimme some dj's name or Bars/ parties that play funky HOUSE.
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Jason Bye plays at space on the sunset terrace for we love sundays.....
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If you know the DJs who's sounds you like then just search for when they are playing on the DJ search function on here.

Ibiza Calling & Be seem to be the two main events where the DJs you listed perform. Mon & Wed at Space.


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i ve just check the first vid from jason bye displayed by youtube

8) yes (classic house's anthem sandi" B beginning the vid )
yes i won't Miss Jason Bye on we love closing (not at es paradise fiesta del agua )
seen another JB's vid from mambo: yeah, i enjoy this sound...

I enjoy the percussions in House music :you need it , ornaments the music & help feeling more the music/getting trancy ...(plan to play the percussions in bars/club in a few years...8))
there is drum warrior shovel that play for defected (IN for defected closing party just to experience at least one time Pacha because price insane :twisted: sure won't invite anyone as i've done my last time to Pacha... ) & other pre parties...

For Hed kandi closing (seems the HK party at Es paradise is not very popular :confused: reputation of the club :lol: ) ,it 's at same date as closing pooldisco...
Maybe try to catch hed kandi pool party @ ocean club even there are a lot of bad comments about ocean (don't like the vip stuff but have to deal with it in all clubs...)

There are a lot djs that i don't even know their name..waiting for youtube vid to have an idea...

This is a dedication of house music...
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