Djing on the island



me a several mates from r wondering is clubs and bars would let us djing for a nite or does anone know how we can contact clubs/ bars to do this. Music vaires from, d'n'b, funky house, hard house, tech, trance and psy 8) 8)
the competition is very strong for djing slots, and the djs tend to be requlars from previous seasons, but hey you never know!!

Good luck....
The west end in San Antonio has a lot of small clubs/bars and there may be some opportunities there? Be warned though the west end is very rowdy and messy, although if that's your thing then it doesn't matter!

If your hoping to find a slot in one of the big clubs though you're going to be sadly disappointed, only 'name' DJ's get to play there and they are usually regulars from past seasons and possibly regulars with the promoters back home.