Me and 8 Mates all went out there last season for 2 weeks in July! Best holiday ive ever had. This year me and my mate wanna go out there for the season, he wants to dj out there and ill do nethin!! ill be a lucky lucky if it keeps me out there. He plays Funky house and had been doin it for few year now and is defo good enough. Does ne1 know what the score is on being able to get a residancey sumwere? And while im here When you PR whats the usual pay and do most places give u sumwere to live aswell??
djing jobs, good djing jobs, are hard to get. club residencies aren't advertised. what you do is network and try and get to know the promoters etc... make a load of mix cd's and distribute them, its your only tool of advertising yourself. you may be able to nip into a djing job at some bar (these are advertised), and use that as a ladder to get better gigs. as regard to music style, house, house and more house! well that was the trend last summer. good, feel good funky house. but the music style will depend on where you dj. if you're doing bars you will probably have to play some shit to get the beer swilling crowds in. remember you won't just walk into a dj job where you can play what you like.

with regards to pr work and pay. all varies basically. average i'd say around €150 a week for 4 days work (normally around 7-8 hours a day). this is working for club nights. working for bars *usually* gets you more money. i worked for a bar and was luckily in that it paid the most money for the least hours, nightly too! i was getting about €250 a week for 35 hours work. plus quite a bit more from other income streams..

some places provide accomodation, but its rare really.