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I come over for a week as of 28th august and im looking to get in contact with any bar owners probably on the west end were the music is much more commercial...

I would like to maybe take a hour set to trial out and want to secure work for the future!

My music is commercial chart and classic dance tracks.

I've been working in the North West of England in some of the big clubs and bars.!

any information would be much welcome

thanks in advance!
Wrong time to be looking for DJ work in Ibiza. Most places book in their DJ's for the season in May, so you would want to be on the Island touting for buisness then.

The more established Bars usually have the same DJ's returning year after year but you will pick up some work in May.
Dont want to take over a full night just maybe an hour or so to get a bit of experience and possibly some work for next year! Bit hard trying to get out for a week during uni term time to find it next year!
Unless you have already established a contact that can offer you a trial its unlikely that you will be able to waltz in to a bar in August and expect to be offered a trial for an hour or two!!!

If you have worked as a DJ you should be aware that DJ's are very protective of their gigs, this applies in Ibiza as well. No resident DJ is going to welcome you with open arms. There are loads of DJ's looking for work in Ibiza and will do it free just to get an opportunity.

Iticha did hold open DJ nights a few years back, not sure if they still hold them, but if you want to try there......... Or if you have a camera crew following you around, that would definitely help your chances
Regarding next may, is it best to be looking for DJ work at the very start or would I be wasting my time and money for 3 weeks?
May is THE best time to go if you want DJ work. Many of the west end bars ( expect 6 hour shifts) will be looking for party jocks and you will pick up some work in places like Hush, Iticha, Orange Corner, Plastic. At least they will give you a trial there when its quiet in May.

Once you are there you will hear by word of mouth other places looking for DJ's and that's how you work your way up the ladder (unless you are a big name DJ). In that case they throw 10k at you and let you do what you want for 3 hours. A limo and some scantily clad Ladies are thrown in for free!!!8)
Thanks Bez, although I don't think I made myself that clear.

I am heading over in May, just unsure whether to go early, or nearer the opening parties?
All the interviews for the Club associated jobs begin mid-late may. West End DJ work, you would want to be there no later than the 2nd week in may. Apart from Space, most of the opening parties are tame enough affairs compared to the full on buzz of August.

The Closing parties are better.