DJ Voyi`s mixes (Progressive House / Melodic Techno)


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What is this? Very cool! ^_^

So, how long have you been spinning, and if you don't mind my asking where are you from? :)


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I've been doing this since 2007, about 14 years or so :) I'm originally from Hungary, but living in the UK since 2012.
Wow! That's really cool!

I have been partying and listening to the music since 2000 - or even a little before. I haven't tried my hand at DJing, but I took two courses relating; one in "Music Technology" & one in "Electronic Music" which were about Logic and Ableton respectively. But I don't remember anything from them really.

Hungary to UK... so cool.


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Thanks man, so you are an old school type of person. I got into this electronic music thing in 2002, i listened psytrance back in the days. I would love to learn music production as well, I will try cubase later if I have time and see how it goes.