DJ VIBE @ SPACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I totally recommend tonight's performance of DJ VIBE along with Mr. Carl Cox @ Space Ibiza!!

You just have to hear his new track on Low Pressings along with Pete Tha Zouk!
DJ VIBE & Pete Tha Zouk - Solid Textures :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: WICKEDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

I was one of the lucky ones to have a CD-R of the test pressing 8)

If you're into the portuguese madness of dark,tribal,progressive house music, YOU CAN'T MISS THIS ONE!!

Unfortunately im only in Ibiza starting next Friday (25th July), so im gonna miss him out there, but I get to see him play a lot here in Portugal!

Photos of Carl Cox & DJ VIBE party @ Pacha Portugal in Ofir:
hi dracul,

i was there last year for him at space with carl cox - and it was the BEST SET of the year.

i am going tonight as well :) however not sure how long i can stay :confused:
as i have a lot of work tomorrow
amen to that rusty!!

i actually did stay in bed most of yesterday morning - just don't tell the rest of spotlight ;-)

it was GOOOD!
dj vibe is boring ... i have nothing against him , but you just
have to see the people in the terrace last tuesday .. they were
obviously bored and just waiting for carl cox to appear...