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Any decent Dj sites? Laurent Garnier's is class coz he puts out mixes,- as do subliminal (shame they're in realmedia tho)

Just looked at the Danny Tenaglia board- full of potential stalkers me thinks!!!! Nice of him to do regular posts tho.
Laurent Garnier's is very good, although a tad difficult to navigate around.

Not a dj site, but the mixes on tiger sushi are spot on (check out the Optimo ones-that is one of my favourite clubs up here)
true, the navigation can be tricky at first, can u pm me the link to that tiger sushi site pleeease?

Nish, if you go to, then go to our links and choose djs & producers you'll find about a 100 dj sites, some good, some not so go. Steve Lawler's is pretty slick. :p
Thanks, although I do come across links I should already have every now and again. :p