DJ sets from Space Closing


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(From Global Radio)









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Thanks! But I hate recordings that have windows sounds on... :(
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Just so you know, I only copy and pasted these links from another forum so not reponsible for what they sound like!!
nice post!

can anyone recommend what the best ones are? I prefer house rather than techno/minimal sorta thing...
Im not sure if its just the recording or some shocking mixing by Paul Woolford cos theres clashing beats everywhere a few times.Im assuming some tracks accidently started playing in itunes or something cos its pretty bad
Listened to Mau5's set yesterday, really enjoyed it! Cuda done with the radio presenters shutting up every now and then mind!
Jonathan Ulysses Set Tracklisting

Does anyone have a tracklisting of Jonathan Ulysses Space closing set they could post please? Recognise quite a few in there but some I'm not too sure of. Thanks in advance...
Wally Lopez

I noticed that Wally Lopez set is missing from the above sets. I know this is a bit late, but I can't not share his session at the Space closing fiesta 08 with you guys...By far the most original, cutting edge, goosbumps galor mix...what a DJ and what taste

Here you go...his highness Wally Lopez @ Space closing 08 right after Groove Armada and before DT....Desfruta!