DJ schedules???



So when do most of the DJ's finalize their schedules for Ibiza???? We already have our reservations, but just wondering who will be there for the weeks that we're going....
within the next month or so. have you looked at the party calender, there is already loads on there....
yeah already checked the schedule... it mostly just shows what party is when... Just wondering what DJ's will be @ what parties.
can somebody please make a joke about DJ Schedules being the name of a dj.
er, Rustywoo, Robo, you usually indulge in that type of sillyness.....
please oblige
That's uncanny. I was just about to when you posted. Nice to know my rep preceedes me.

I still recon that DJ Profiles is better
rustywoo said:
I still recon that DJ Profiles is better

good one! :D