no your wrong heard i hes doing a back to back set with roger sanchez befor changing over with erick morillo and tim deluxe
well we might be checking it out when we go, just for the fun of it, like Es Paradis - its all white......and romern style....but lets see about Mr Sammy, if he´s up for the task!
sorry don't know

about the b2b with sanchez or erick.

he is the resident for es paradis is water party... did not see his name on anything else while i was their.
Yes Girlie I know him quite well he come from Germany and used to play with the singer Loona (happy shitt house music like you find in the commercial charts). He was deejaying in Mallorca for the german "Ballaman" crowd. So you can immagine wich kind of music he was playing...
Nobody booked him since a couple of years. I think he is trying to come back as a real DJ.
when we went for a eyphoria night there was a pr bloke outside giving tickets away. i still didnt go as i already had tickets for another night
Didn't he recently win an award for something - I'm sure I seen him on some programme not long ago - best newcomer or something - I know, it sounds like a joke, but I'm SURE it was him - hes the guy who looks like he's about 12 years old (with a squeaky voice to match) and wears big baggy jumpers, right?
Have any of you actually heard him in Es Paradis this year?


Well perhaps you should before ripping him to pieces,if he is rubbish then carry on.