DJ Mixes..



Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to put my mix online?? Thanks!


14th-19th of September
Heh cams,

hows things? aren't you off to Ibiza soon??? bet you can't wait!

Reckon i am going to be going to california in October with work - anywhere near there? (and yes i know California is a big place!!)
i'm leaving for Spain on the 4th and going to be in madrid and barcelona up until the 14th...which is when i leave for ibiza!!! YES I can't wait!!!

Oh yeah, I'm not too far from Long Beach. If you are going to be going out anywhere, and want to know some good places, let me know I can guide you to some nice spots. Take it easy!
Ok - cool. I'll give you a shout before i am going to come over, its towards the end of October....hopefully i can get a bit of spare time (think i have a Saturday night free!) and we can try and hook up.

(how mad is that!!!!!!!!!) ;)