DJ In Space



This is a bit of a longshot but I was in Space on Sunday the 17th August and I heard a DJ who was utterly superb. The problem is I'm not sure who it was and I was hoping somebody might be able to tell me. I know that Jeff Mills and Danny Howells were on some time that day. The DJ in question I think finished around midnight (just before the Gods and Goddesses appeared) and he was in the indoor bit. Can somebody please help :?:

James Zabelia?????
hi rusty, i don't think he was playing that day.

i know danny howells played before and after jeff mills. but he started after midnight.

it might have been either voodoo and/or serrano who played late evening inside. have a look on the space website for a picture of voodoo and serrano in the DJs section.

or it might well have been dave philipps who has played some storming sets inside. an older(ish) guy.

have a search on google for some pics of the above

good luck
I can't even remember what he looked like but according to the Space website David Phillips was on before Danny Howells so I guess it must have been him. Thanks for the help!