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Hey - am on the search for decent fill tracks.

By this I mean anything like 'Paperclip People - Throw' (which I find quite tedious tbh) which doesn't really sit in a key and can be used as a great transition point between two tracks that don't gel.

This is a great one for instance:

Surely we all use these no? :confused:
need to pick you up on throw which is most definitely NOT tedious - it's stonecold quality. Feel the production on there. A tease of a track as all the best 'builders' should be

if you want tedious listen to fusion's latest megamix

*btw - you wouldda loved Felix/idjuts railway arch party on saturday. RAW. 8)
I love the Idjut boys! 8)

Can't help the throw thing though - I find myself going through a list of household chores that need doing in my head whilst waiting for some silly woman to start screaming.
I try not to hide the mix when running another track into another that doesnt "gel".

Its like a new paragraph, you have to make the distinction that another style of music is coming up in the set.

I would normally be working my way either up or down to meet that change in tempo or style so its not as harsh when its brought in.
if it doesn't mix seamlessly, just bring the pitch down, perform a spinback (or scratch it a few times?) and then let the new track roll - I was mucking about on some CDJs for the first time the other day - endless sound effects you can deploy to ease the transition

of course, you don't have to mix every track, sometimes silence is golden in adding tension

best pause I heard within a track in recent years was the devastating pause in mandy/booka shade 'body language' (shame mandy never really followed that)
Perhaps I should simplify the question:

Does anyone know of any distinctive but simplistic 4/4 tracks with no key?
if you want tedious listen to fusion's latest megamix


rob - some of the classics fit the bill i think.

or even elements by DT, be yourself by celeda (minus the vocal of course), coffee beats by delgado or even harry choo choo

for simple beats but still funky try something like

for darker stuff, something like ribcage by dubfire, in fact doing tool type tracks is about the best thing dubfire does.
Off the top of my head, Moodyman - Shades Of Jae (filter the bass out - free bit of drama and premature ejaculation all thrown in) and Rob Trent - Love to the World (Love Dub) (personal fave filler/tee-er upper) would be my first sugegstions, but I'm sure Dennis Ferrer or Kerri Chandler has a whole host of b-sides/dubs that fit the bill too.