Diynamic tonight or Ants tomorrow - anyone going?


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Okay have just surfaced after Diynamic at DC-10 ... for some reason we decided to go early and where literally the first punters into the club at about 11.10pm (they made us wait from 10.55) but although I wanted to see Andy Bros, the acoustics on an empty terrace are terrible with too many rattles and vibrations. So we stayed in the main room with Majit Cocoon and she actually played the most “Diynamic” style of the night with quite a few recent favourite tracks: Adam Port - Planet 9 (sounds a bit like guitars from an early U2 album to me) and the Animal Picnic & Novak track which is a favourite of mine from earlier in the summer. However, Lehar really stepped it up afterwards with some really quite heavy and trippy stuff and this became the theme for all of the night. Turns into a little bit of a blur but we decided to try and get into a decent spot on the Terrace for Solomun so only caught a little bit of Adriatique and headed over the second half of Johannes Brecht who was superb (with his ABBA - SOS cover / remix and Voix Grave which was a real treat to hear live - this is the track from peak Solomun year of 2016 and was played during Solomuns Space closing set with the classical violins).

Solomun came on a 4am and whilst the room was busy it wasn’t unbearable but with what seemed a largely Italian crowd (wonder how Music On was effected?) the music really felt it played to that demographic. Never heard Solomun play so “un-melodic” but it sounded very heavy on that sound system. Our last day so we pushed the boat out with the disco biscuits and ended up with 1.5 each and this led us to the garden for smoke-breaks as Solomun was pretty un-inspiring but the crowd seemed to lap it up. We then caught Karmon in the main room who also played more heavy-hitting non Diynamic style techno but actually sounded better to me than most of what Solomun played. This was abpruptly cut short at about 6.15 (was due to go on until 6.30) as they pretty much just put the lights on to about 100 people and sent them onto the terrace without warning. We stayed until 6.45 when Solomun appeared to be playing encore track that almost sounded like reggae-ton but that could be my mind playing tricks.

All in all we had a really fun last night of our trip but would agree that Solomun has in 2018 really disappointed on most times we have seen him and that any of the other Diynamic stable are preferable at the moment but they generally (Adriatique excluded) really don’t have the pulling power for the big Ibiza clubs to get the “atmosphere” of a Solomun night / set.

On another note thought would share a funny story from Thursday at Salinas Beach - we spent the day at Malibu beach as the only place with sun beds when we arrived at 11.30. We spent the day next to a large British family of 8-9 people and chatted to the Grandmother of the group and generally people watched but my wife wasn’t totally happy with how the day panned out. At around 3.30 the large group just upped and left including what seemed to be all of there towels that they had brought from Gran Sol Marina Hotel (which is proper 5* place) - we heard them say they couldn’t be bothered to carry them when they got back ... stay with me I know I’m rambling ... anyway, suddenly the beach guys in yellow go into over-drive trying to freshen up the beds for new guests and (given that my wife and I are big Solomun / Diynamic) no-other than Solomun and his manager and Johannes Brecht and 3-4 others plonk themselves down next to us. This is funny because Solomun is one of my wife’s “hall passes” and we spend the next 3 hours giggling like school girls at the fact that our hero has sat right next to us. And for us this has gone straight to the top of our beach celebrity “hang-outs” which included singer Paul Young and former Spurs and Chelsea manager Andre-Villas Boas. God those pencils are stong.
Least someone could be bothered to do a proper review! Spot on matey