Diving - Pheonix Dive Centre or Ibiza Diving in S. Eulalia




I quite fancy trying my hand at diving in the next couple of weeks, will be over there from the 23rd august till the 5th september..

Does anyone know anything about or can recommend either of these dive centres? They seem to be the largest on the island, which do you think will be best for complete beginners?

all help appreciated..


come on peeps, shower me in your ibizan diving experiences...
FYI i decided to give the Phoenix a go as they sounded really friendly and helpful on the phone, especially as i am new to this game.

they start courses on a friday and sunday (dont know why), full padi diver is 350 euros, basic scuba diver course is 210, but in reality what happens is you just start and keep going for as long as you want to, at a cost of 70 euros a day.
Nickd - did you do it? Was it good? I really want to learn but can't stand to be doing my first open dives in the local quarry uggghhh!

I'm thinking of learning in Miami next year....... ;)