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Does anyone know whereabouts in Ibiza Town the Discobus goes from en route to San Antonio (via Amnesia/Privlege),do they depart every hour or half an hour,and what time do they start and end,etc,cheers.
the new bust station
from the ibiza sun:

Bus Opening
The new bus station in Ibiza Town will be in operation by next month according to Mayoress Lurdes Costa, and is set to reform the public transport system within the capital. Her remarks came as she was taken around the new installations, accompanied by members of the press. The tour was given by the representative of the company in charge of the building work, Jose Ramon Llasco. Also in attendance was the councillor for transport, Albert Prats.
Costa claimed the main change would be the disappearance of the old bus station from avendia Isidor Macabich, which would ensure a significant strain on the city centre being lifted.
The new bus station will be a total of 18,000 m2. The bus area will be installed in a semi-basement which will be well lit and air-conditioned to ensure the fumes from the buses are eliminated. Access to the station will be from three entrances on the ground floor on the calles Canaries and Sant Cristobal. The ground floor building will contain shops and cafes, as well as two ticket booths and digital screen information informing the public about the arrival and departure times of the buses. At each end of the station there will be lifts down to the bus area, as well as escalators.
It is estimated the facility will be able to handle up to three million visitors every year.
Speaking the following day, the transport minister claimed the Balearic Government needed to get far more involved in the public transport system on the island. Prats said the Island Council had been given just €450,000 this year to improve public transport, an insufficient amount and one which needed to be improved substantially over the next few years.
So if i go to amnesia / priviledge , is there a bus to get home to PDB? It doesnt say the stops in between
So if i go to amnesia / priviledge , is there a bus to get home to PDB? It doesnt say the stops in between
I think I am right in saying you will have to go to Ibiza Town Bus Station,then if you're not legging it, get another bus to PDB, hourly 00.30 till 0.6.30.from then on regular bus...
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