Disco Heaven 02.03 - Hed kandi

Got it at the weekend, personally I thinks is top notch and i preferred it to twisted disco. I know somebody under the funky house post, can't recall who, didn't like it but that's opinions for you.
The hed kandi series (well the disco) are always fantastic, but I think that they've really outdone themselves this time.

Excellent cd with most of the tracks with a real retro disco sound.
I haven't got the cd with me now but does anyone else think that one of the tracks (I think it's on disc 2) sounds very much like Andrea Medici - More Love. I'm not saying thats a bad thing, infact It's one of my fave tracks
Hed kandi always pulls through w/ stunning compilations. I wonder if I can order the new one from their website, because here in the U.S I would be lucky if I even saw a copy of a hed kandi release. :cry:
Chase you can get any Hed Kandi from amazon.com . Yet I'm sorry I have to say this but in my opinion Disco Heaven 02.03 is their worst release ever. It's been a long time that I thought that a CD purchase was such a waste of dinero :confused:
Maybe this is me being paranoid (and anal) but has anyone else noticed that a lot of the tracks on the latest Disco Heaven FADE OUT.

C'MON!! tracks don't fade OUT these days, they come to a natural end!

Is this a conspiracy to try and fit more tunes on each cd? Hed Kandi always claimed to include the full length 12" mixes, but me smell sumtin' fishy goin' on......
Really liking this Album, goes well with the sunny weather for a good feeling vibe especially these 3 tracks ;)

FR Featuring Jenny B - Love Is The Music
Soulsearcher - Feelin Love
Finishing Touch - Don't Put Me Down (Harlem Hustlers Soul Reconstruction Mix)
:D :D :D :D
At the mo yes, as this is more my cup of tea, but still Twisted Disco is rated pretty high :D
Will try that link you gave, thanx man ;)
Does anyone know when Hed Kandi will be bringing out this year's Beach Kandi album?

I have checked out the Hed Kandi website but there is no mention of it as yet. I hope it comes out before I go to Ibiza coz the last one was the soundtrack to my summer last year.

In fact I went for a long walk along the beach last Sunday with it on my CD walkman and for a few moments I almost felt like I was on the white Isle. As you can imagine I got quite excited it was the happiest I had felt in ages.
I've got most of the new release and I don't remember seeing any of the flyers you get in them advertising the new release. I'm sure I saw it on the Amazon or HMV site....there is defo one on the way though.

Bizarre but I'm listening to Beach House 04.02 as I type.....Lazy has just kicked in.....must be telling me something.
Just noticed that they are on at El Divino this year :eek: .....not been there yet. Can't wait for it. That night is definitely locked and loaded for this year's excursion. :D I'm luvin' it!
daltvila said:
There'll also be another Hotel Es Vive compilation this year. Loved (and still love) last year's edition. :)

It's excellent -- really good chill out, ease-into-it kind of music. Looking forward to a fresh one!
And previewed the Disco Heaven comp... Disc 1 was really kind of haggard sounding. Disc 2 more promising... Bought The Scumfrog: Extended Engagement instead.
Wahey! (Wonder if we'll ever see him have a night in Ibiza???)