Disco Bus - Normal Bus


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It looks like the Disco bus stops running at 6am, but the normal buses don't start until 8am. If there is no cabs then that is one hell of a gap if you miss the last disco bus.

Is this correct?

not to sure,when i was at amnesia i got a bus at 7:30 to ibiza town, and there where loads of buses along the privilege-amnesia road.

There will nearly always be taxis at Amnnesia & Privelege.

For privelege go closer to the road, for Amnesia wait in the car park. There is normally a que, but Brits seem to be the only people that feel compelled to wait their turn, and by no means all of them at that.
Ok, i thought the disco bus was SUPPOSED to run from club to club...hence the name "disco bus". But the only disco buses we saw were the ones going to and from Privilege and Amnesia. There were none that went to Pacha or El Divino... is it just me or do these buses ACTUALLY exist??? Cuz i mean walking from Pacha to the bus stop (eivissa to san an) was sooooooooooo long. One day after leaving Pacha we decided it might be shorter to walk to one of the bus stops en route from eivissa to san an. Nope, we were wrong, ended up walkin close to 2km's along the road and almost got ran over every 15mins in the process. Those traffic circles r deadly for pedestrians!!!!!!! ;)