Dino Levy vs Housemartins - Change the world


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Have you listened to this tune?
It's wonderful!!
But I don't know why it's announced on the Amnesia website as one of the songs in the album Amnesia 2003 if it's not in there actually (at least in the one I bought). It's the only song that's actually missing.

didn't know Housemartins have come back, or is it a remix?

Do you know about another compilation where this song appears? I have to get it! 8) 8)
This is a class tune, i remember tracking it down last year and playing it over and over. Its actually:

dino lenny vs The housemartins - change the world

It samples an old housemartins track as you've prob guessed. It wasnt a new housemartins recording. Prefer the original promo mixes that were released (mix B) because it was a lot tougher and had more percussion. The final release was good though, a lot cleaner.

This is one of my fave tunes of last year, glad you brought it up :D
I bought the the triple CD (the third cd is a DVD) And the number is standing on the first cd (the last number!!).
And yes the promo version is much better