Dilated Sessions Mix w/Digital Bill & Nickolas-X(Trance Mix)


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The Dilated Sessions Mix Vol. I
Digital Bill & Nickolas-X –tag team set

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Digital Bill & Nickolas-X
Track list
Over Seas Exclusive 2:07
The Apocalypse 4:54 George Acosta
Snorkle 2:50
Mono 5:23 Joc
Falling 3:10 First State Feat. Anita Kelsey
Push Over 8:19 heatbeat
La Guitara 8:03 Orjan Nilson
Unforgivible 4:24 Armin Van Burren
Truth Trust 1:57 George Acosta
6am (Kyau & Albert remix) 4:46 Crissida
Miracle Cure 5:07 Martin Roth
Stay With Me (Mike Foyle remix) 3:46 Vadim Soloviev
I Belive (Gireth Emery remix) 1:30 Meighan Nealon, Ashley Wallbridge
Denial 3:55 Airbase feat Floria Ambra
Never Say Never 4:25 Armin Van Burren
Underneath The Sky 3:42 Carl B
Falling Backwards 7:55 George Acosta

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