didnt café Savannah used to have a...


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its down at the moment: http://www.cafesavannah-ibiza.com :!:

(they didnt update the website this year so it had exactly the same than on 2002 :rolleyes: )



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yeah I noticed that the last time! thats baaaaad!!! shame on them! probably due to the new owners who changed the darn menu and took away my fav. dish :cry:


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when you said that kumharas is in san antonio or that there is no rock music in ibiza you were joking too - right?

boooooooooo!! :lol:


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welllllll (hehe :oops: :oops: :lol: :lol: ) I still concider Kumharas to be in San An Bay as it says so many places on the internet, at least it said so on the old homepage


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quick explaination - check this picture:


have you seen it? :eek:

are you sure? :lol:

okay - that is the bay of san antonio :!:

(i suppose you know what is a bay? :rolleyes: )

what you see at the right (what tourists call the bay of san antonio) is part of san josé and
the rest is part of san antonio. all together is the bay of san antonio!! :eek:

here is another picture of the bay:


(maybe stephen can explain it better :confused: )


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joking aside, i once went to savanah, for my birthday one december. it was quite fab sitting behind the canopies as a storm lashed the shore and brought waves up to the entrance!
then i went for a curry to the curry club!


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stop it ste!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

she is very confussed already - we can talk about that overpriced, overhyped,
mediterr-asian hangout
another day!! ;)