Did anyone watch...

that Pedigree dog thing last night?

Its ok to inbreed dogs...

didnt see it but long had a problem with deliberatly breeding deformed dogs so that they look like aliens...sorry cute.

it should be illegal, if it was humans everyone would look like wiganers.

imagine sausage cats or bullfaced horses.
It's not ok, that was the point of the programme :?:lol:

Did you see the poor pugs eye :eek:

ROFL at the 'best of class' pug that had a face lift :lol:

i didnt say it was! - hence - ...

head of the kennel club was saying how they knew best as breeders to "breed out" deformaties... by mating mother/son granddad/grand daughter...

"have you got a daughter" asked the reporter.

cue look of revulsion by Mr Kennel Club.

Do they seriously think that nature would create a Basset hound thats literally all skin?


and German Shepherds dragging their arses along the floor is really a natural trait for that breed! - especially helpful when chasing sheep!
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I didnt see the programme but I saw the pics in The Sun of how a basset hound and english bulldog originally looked before mass breeding

Very sad :cry:
I couldnt watch this programme so cant comment on the content but I understand enough about the breeding of pedigrees to know that its not right - you couldnt get away with pedigreeing a human (you just have to look at the Royal Family to realise that!!!)

My colleague has a German Shepherd Show Dog - he's 3 and he needs a double hip replacement (usually this is normal at around 8 years old) the early stage of hip dysplasia is caused by the forced breeding (ie 2-3 litters a year) and the bones have degenerated through each litter birth..... her dog cant breed now (she's gutted about this :rolleyes:) because the hips wont take the exta weight that a litter of puppies will add to her dogs hips.... its so sad that people are willing to pay £100's for a dog which is in pain, has a lesser life span than a mongrel, just to breed and basically to make a shed load of money but give heartache for the next generation of KC dog owners
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Eugenics is just wrong full stop, but I thought the comparison of the Kennel club to Hitler was quite amusing. :lol: