Did anyone see Loaded in Ibiza last night?



I tell you what there are some prize idiots on that programme....

- The El divino hostess who thought she was gods gift to men

- That Fat garage promoter and dhis dolly bird girlfriend

They were so f8uckin annoying!! :x

Still made me wanna be back in Ibiza though so I guess it did its job! :)
its a fantastic program because it supplies great images of ibiza directly to your living room. and if , like me, you are returning there in about a week and a half then it really whets yr appetite!! but some of the characters are pretty annoying...
I watched it and thought it just proves the point that too much money turns people into arseholes. The El Devino 'hostesses' were more like prostitutes & that girl on the boat was right up herself with coments like "look at all those ants on the beach watching the sunset".

These people are not "real" island people they are just parasites trying to get wot thet can & pose around. Except for Colin Butts that is. He seems OK. Anyone read the second book yet? I'm waiting for a friend to finish her copy so I can read it.
Completely agree - did you see the bit where the blonde bird went on a weeks 'blind date' to Cancum.

'he fancied her so much he booked the penthouse'

Sounds a bit dodgy to me, wonder if she charges by the hour
LOL i think that is insulting to prostitutes
At least prostitutes have the decncy to be upfront and honest about what they are doing.
That girl with the dark hair has some sort of problem i can see her brain working overtime everytime she speaks lol
The programme is pretty annoying.