did anyone from out of the US go to Miami for WMC


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first off i wanna say that the Brits are the coolest people...they definitely party alot harder than us americans...just wanted to get ur view about miami and what parties u went to and if uve ever been to NYC which is lacking right now in the club scene but a few years ago when Twilo (the greatest damn club ever) was open NYC was sickkkk...so give me any opinions or stories on ur visits in the states...im dying to make it to the UK...possibly even live there for a while...any suggestions where to go
I went to Miami this year. Was there for 8 days from the Friday before the WMC until the following Saturday. I didnt do as many parties as I would have liked to but that was because I wanted to take a relatively quiet holiday in March before getting to Ibiza this summer and absolutely caning it!!!
I really enjoyed my week in Miami but have to say I found the parties/clubs a bit of a hassle. i.e. it was always a problem getting in; they were far too packed and the whole thing was just a bit too much effort. Luckily I was with a few people who were in the know and we got in to places quicker and easier but it was still a big hassle.
I went to a few parties.....Subliminal at Crobar, Hed Kandi at Shore Club and Soutern Fried at Shore Club. All were ok.
Wanted to go to Space which had some really good lineups but had been told to stay away as it was really packed every night and very hard to get into.
The whole clubbing experience in Miami all seemed a bit too much like a headache to me!! Hope you dont take this personally.

I also lived in NY for 6 months but it was right at the beginning of my clubbing days so didnt do a huge amount of clubbing there. It was a couple of years ago when Twilo was big but I never made it. Sorry i missed it as Ihave heard great things. Did make it to Roxy though which was pretty good.

As for living in the UK. You should possibly start in London as you will have most choice for clubbing and working...if thats what your planning.
Dont forget, the Uk is tiny compared to the US so it is going to be very easy for you to get to other parts to go clubbing or for whatever. Also, Continental Europe is really close.
Went to Twilo the Sat after the WMC 2001, Pete Tong was playing a 6hr (12-06) set which he didnt do that often. Was absolutely rocking then at 6 Junior Sanchez came on and the roof blew off. Never have I experienced such a following this guy has.
New Yorkers really made me feel welcome.
As for Miami, was to impersonal for me, most people just wanted to know if you were somebody, if not then ciao, not my scene
Hey Swiss Taff,
Would have to agree with you on Miami. Just didnt find it that friendly ina clubbing sense. Possibly it is something to do with a lot of music industry people who are out there and are actually working. I know they say that it is an excuse for work but most of them do actually do a good bit of work and have certain people who they need to see to try and get some business for the respective companies. Therefor people are not as relaxed and not enjoying themseves as much.
True, hear what your saying.
A friend of mine was there this year and he re-affirmed this, shame actually when youve got the most talented people all in 1 party pit.
Sooo glad Ibiza is not like that :D
W.m.c 2003

In respect of the music industry, the music conference is exactly as it says, a conference.
We went following the hype, believing that miami would be equal to ibiza, after all, all the top d.j's were playing there eh? Or were they really? Went to chill at the opium garden with radio 1, total no show, no live coverage, apparently we'd heard off other d.j's "pete tong turned up for a gig at a club, practicaly empty, turned round and left"
The maze nightclub was fantastic though, roger sanchez performed as well as ever. Still humming tunes from that night now, and probably will all summer! The sound system here really is sorted.
Went to la troya at level, started to realise the real deal. Practically all the seating was for v.i.p's(to be a v.i.p will set you back an arm and both leg's), music was o.k, club practically empty though.
Security in miami was overwhelming, fearing the recent laws on losing there license's through people dealing in clubs, made the atmosphere a touch tense to say the least.
Personally i won't be going back to miami unless someone else is paying, thats really the long and short of it. Let them keep miami to themselves, and stop hyping it up to be something it isn't.