Did any1 buy the Amnesia 2003 compilation and Underground 3?


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Underground 3 is from Amnesia as well with tech-house and techno sets.
The other one (Dive into 2003) has also a funktastic DVD with 10 minutes of great amazing images of the best parties. Perfect for those who don't want to wait for the next summer to see a little of Amnesia again :oops:

I think they are very good.
What do you think about it?
got both..
hate amnesia underground 3...bought it on line coz thought it will look like amnesia underground 2.. :confused: 22e spoilt!
4 amnesia 8 samples
cd 1 ,2,3,10 nice cd 2 2,5,11,12,16 nice...
dvd is handsome! :D
thought about buying it but didn't. Is it good? I thoroughly enjoyed paco osuna at Cocoon......played a great set. Never heard Mar T.....what style does he play.
You can listen to many songs of both of the albums at the Amnesia website:
They're played automatically by Flash.

DJ Oliver (La Troya on the terrace) plays a funkier and more tribal house than Mar T (regular resident of inner room), who IMO plays harder house and tech-house. Mar T plays the foam parties inside.

There's also a techno set by Paco Osuna on one cd of Amnesia Underground 3.