Detroit Techno - evolution (help - college project)


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Im looking for some help about detroit techno for a friend for a collage course,just seeing if any of oyu guys/girls can help,thanx.....

I'm looking for a rough starting point for listening to techno, ranging from its creation to the modern day. I know of Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins but can't seem to find much material due to the amount of names they record under, respectively. I'd like to know the best albums to look into in terms of the musics and the progression of the genre.

thanx again.
sorry, late on this one

here's some quality detroit/detroit-flavoured trax - cross-section of the main producers represented

you NEED these in your life :twisted:


better known:

Derrick May / rhythm is rhythm - it is what it is

kraftwerk - expo 2000 (Rolando remix)

moodymann - shades of jae

laurent garnier - acid eiffel

carl craig - at les

model 500 - the flow

more obscure:

robert hood - detroit: one circle

gary martin - jennifer

basic channel - radiance III

drexciya - hydro theory