Destino Closing


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cheers Stivi, really looking forward to this event. never been to destino and been listening to loads of Solomuns sets recently. i will be going space closing so won't see him at pacha.


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Since we are talking about destino and sold out events . Some guys are buying their tickets online to safe guard against selling out for the destino 27th August night.
I havent seen any ibiza club nights being sold out before . By your experiance can it for this one ? Specially because Destino has alot of open space .


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I see that the last entry for destino is 7:30 pm, are they strict with this? I'm going for the closing party... Last year last entry was 8pm and we were able to get in like at 8:15 (for a solomun party), but lots of people came in after...


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pretty strict with pre sale tickets. if you wanna arrive much later than that, better to buy tickets at the door