Desperate for some info...!


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We've booked to stay in a bungalow on Gracioneta beach and are getting the taxi to the chiringuito de cala gracioneta. From looking at local maps we are just less than a mile from the centre of san antonio, just further up the coast from sunset strip.
Just wanted to know what the walking distance is to the centre. The lady we have booked with has been so helpful but would like any impartial info thanks!
Its near a restaurant called chiringuito de cala gracioneta or something like that? Just wanting to know what it is like and how far from the centre etc.
When walking you'll find it much better to go along the coast - the road is very twisty and takes ages. ALthough not sure if either would be a good idea in the dark.
cheers walking along the coast sounds like a good idea then!
Cheers for all the advice....only 6 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walking on the coast was so nice and peaceful... walking along the road at night is a deathwish. Have a wikkid and safe time in Ibiza.