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I know this should probably be posted in the music section but......does anyone know the release date for when derrick carter's "choice" collection of classics is gonna come out? I know he's got the other one coming out on the 6th but its gonna have to take a back seat just for the moment.
no takers?........well nevermind. hope everyone has a class weekend. i know i will. tennents vital tomorrow and then bbq and bouncy castle on sunday. chat to y'all tues. ;)
I remember trying to buy the frankie knuckles choice collection on 3x12" but when i took it to the counter the guy couldnt find the vinyls behind the desk. What a monkey! I had to go home empty handed and i wasnt too happy :(
Here's the tracklist.....

Got this off a guy who got a promo straight from DC....

It's a double cd and 1 cd is unmixed and the other is mixed...

Looks like DC has done it again!!

cd 1 - unmixed
1.savage progress - heart begins to beat
2. Klein and MBO - M.B.O. Theme
3. Coati Mundi - (que Pasa) Me no pop
4. staple singers - slippery people ( 12" miix)
5. Trussell - I love it
6. Kid Creole and the coconuts - Yolanda
7. Lil louis - Nyce an Slo( luv bug theme)
8. Rick James - big time
9. Patrick Cowley - get a little
10 Modern Romance - can you move 12" mix
11. persia - inch by inch
12 Raoul de Souza - Sweet lucy 12"mix

cd2 - mixed

1Basic Black - dont make me fall in love
2. Myster fingers - mystery of love
3. electribe 101 - tell me when the fever ended
4. Yazoo - situation
5. The broads - sing sing sing
6. Jamie principle - baby wants to ride
7. Alexander Robotnick - Problemes d' amour
8. A guy called Gerald - Trip city
9. jean paul gaultier - how to do that
10. Romanthony - let me show you love
11 Lood feat. Donell rush - shout n out

Don't know when this comes out in the US....hopefully soon.
Robo said:
are these 'choices' cds mixed?

also is the frankie knuckles collection worth buying?

The Frankie Knuckles one and the Danny Tenaglia one are both mixed and they are both excellent. sheer class. dont think the francois k or the tony humphries one's are mixed though. hopefully delboy's will be mixed. really canny wait til it comes out. Although ive only heard DT's and Frankie K's i would recommend these cd's to anyone. Some of the best tunes you'll ever hear. ;)