Definite YES to buying tickets from Spotlight for Space


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The ticket queue for those people who had bought internet tickets was by far the easiest and quickest way to gain entry to space for the opening last weekend. (although i'm sure you wouldn't grumble if there were a larger queue james;) :lol: ). even the guestlist queue was 2 or 3 times bigger. i was inside within a few minutes.

the issue of the passout thing in relation to the opening is something that is less likely to happen during the season for the 'We love' parties, where the overall capacity will be around half that which attended the opening. this is due to the parking terrace only being present for the opening and closing of space.

The passout system did become farcical but this was down to space's management of people entering the club and not anything to do with buying a ticket off spotlight. In fact, it made no difference where you bought your tickets from on sunday cos at one point nobody was being allowed in, ticket/passout/whatever.:eek:

So, buy your tickets now and enjoy space!!:D :D 8) 8)


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thanks for great and positive feedback grego.
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