Definate - all season 2004! =o)


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:D Yeay! Been pondering going to work in Ibiza next season for the past few months.. and ive finally decided its a DEFINATE! WoOo.. :p

I'll probably be heading out there... late april/early may.. and as an 18yr old london girlie dont really fancy going completley alone. So, I was wondering.. if anyone planning on doing the same thing, fancied joining me?...Male or female!

Obviously meet up for a few drinks and get to know eachother beforehand etc..

If you fancy it, e-mail me..
Hi ya pinkie :D :D :D

I am also looking to go out there at the end of april/early may, and work the whole season hopefully :lol: , also looking to hook up with as many peeps as possible, are you looking to share accomodation, or just so ya know someone when you get out there???.

Check out my post on here, it is under luton lad working the 2004 season in ibiza.
and leave a message, or ya can email me at

i am well up for meeting like minded people, who are planning on working out there (male & female), and as you live quite close to me (well a short hop on a train :lol: ), then i can meet for drinks when ever ya like matey, as it would be nice to have as many friends out there as possible!!!!!.
im going in june,so if your up for meeting some time let me know,im sure we can all meet up as one massive group,have done a season before plus im an essex lad ;)
Mmm, It would make more sense goin earlier. Except Id probably wax all my cash at the opening parties! :lol:
am planning to.

Unfortunately my plans for Ibiza all season always end up goin a bit Tong and I usually hammer my funds on one/two weeks of pure hedonism!

Ill make it a new years resolution tho ;) :p

Hey hey party peeps

How y'all been doing then??? :D :D :D
Pinkie babe just got your email, and sent one right back to ya babe cheers!!! :D .

We need to find a big crowd of us to rock the white isle. i am also looking at going out at the end of april, and am gonna be staying for the whole season.........well hopefully, although i could end up in the same waxing situation as nish soon as the opening parties happen lol :lol: :lol: :lol:

But hey we are only young once eh?? lol :D
Indeed only young once...and only one life too...lets live it to the full!
I'll be there early May, get ready for me, this is gonna be one hell of a year. :lol: :lol: :lol:
:D Hey Hey i just had an idea :idea: :idea: :idea:

This might sound really sad/camp but why don't we each get a t-shirt made up with our board names on them, perhaps on the back, that way we will be able to recognize each other when we are out there, and then say "hi", good idea for me cause i can never remember the name to go with the face :lol: (gets me in loadsa trouble with women all the time ;) ).

Or should i just go and stand in the corner and be quiet??? :confused: ..... :D

Well if no one else is up for it, look out for me cause i will get one done :lol: for the crack obviously :oops:

Oh hurry up april, wanna get on the plane and fly....away lol
LOL, thats not such a bad idea, probably end up with hundreds of random people walking around with T-Shirts with random names on...but I can see how the idea will work. I'm up for it!
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hey me and my friend are goin to work for a season (hopefully!) in ibiza this year, we're plannin to go out there end/March (-hav posted a separate message bout this cos not sure if its too early to get work etc?! if ne1 can help?? :confused: )
i think the t-shirt idea is kool! but then again look at my signature- im not the best person to ask lol! :confused: