Defected @ Pacha 23rd Sep


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This may seem like a stupid question but for me their details are they thing that's stupid. The opening hours for Defected @ Pacha 23rd September says 111:59PM to 6:00AM, does that mean Monday night/ Tuesday morning or Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning?

I'm 99% sure it means Tuesday night but I just wanted to be absolutely clear. Seeing as its only open for 1 minute of the 23rd seems pretty stupid to me for them to list it for that date.
its Tuesday night!

however, you should check out the other September 23rd thread and go to space for Garnier instead! ;)
What and miss out on Quentin Harris. I know many people on this forum arn't that big Defected fans but I am plus I love my soulful house so I wouldn't miss it.
Sorry no problem, I didn't read it as I joke.

Of course, if we all liked the same things the world would be a very boring place.

"imperfect is perfect"
Imperfect - Joi Cardwell
Big decision for me this night!

Was at a warehouse sesh in Manchester in 2003 an Garnier played a wicked acid house set then seen him play at Carl Cox clsoing last year and he was a bit dull! I love Defected nights, one of the few at Pacha where the crowd's there for the music!

Any further thoughts?