Defected In The House Miami \'10 mixed by Riva Starr


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PRE-ORDER NOW! This year the honour of mixing the Miami In The House compilation has gone to an artist that is currently one of the hottest properties in dance music. His fans include Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Joris Voorn and Claude Von Stroke and he is famous for his bouncy, energetic and main room sound, his mixes and productions are full of humour, insane instruments, trombones, horns and pounding infectious beats. This really is the DJ du jour; we proudly present Riva Starr.

Check out his own insane production and opener of CD2, ‘I Was Drunk’, a signature Riva Starr production. Catchy, humorous, with a vibe that makes you want to dance, borrowing a gypsy style sound and clocking up an impressive quarter of a million views on YouTube.

It’s not just his own productions that attract attention, his remix of Reboot’s Enjoy Music is highly infectious and his eagerly anticipated remix Dennis Ferrer ‘Hey Hey’ possibly this year’s most talked about house record has the makings of a stone-cold classic.

Both CD’s of his mix are vibrant and punchy, with highlights that include tracks from The Crookers, Sidney Sampson, Joris Voorne, Michel Cleis, DJ Gregory, Dennis Ferrer and Timo Maas.

This is the sound of Miami brought to you in advance from the worlds freshest dance producers... Coming out March 8th.

Check out a sample mix here on