Deep house : Coco Machete

Dirty Sanchez

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got a real chilled out coco machete mix from sean holland called coco summer. i've been listening to it quite a bit recently

Alex Williams

I'm not sure of it at all. It's aight, just doesn;t really do enough for me.

Lance's 'Tie Me Up' had the best vocal I've heard in a long time, but other than that, pretty flat.

Alex Williams

comin' at ya said:
Pretty flat ??? Maybe a few listens will do the trick.

Please tell me your not one of the Hed Kandi crew ?? :D :D

No mate, I play Deep House. Here's this month's chart so you get a bit of an idea...

Aaliyah - If Yo' Girl Only Knew [ION Mix] - CDR
Possibly the best I've heard from ION yet, uses Aaliyah's vocal to full effect. Outstanding

Joe Active - She Found It Easy [Floppy Dub] - DiY
I hear Farina's been caning this one, and rightly so. Peej turns in a top-notch remix. Gonna be in the box for a long time...

Clay Acox - Keep On Dancin' [Jay-J's Dub] - Flat & Round
Yes, STILL! Can't get over that vocal, this is definately one of the best releases this year

Sean Smith - The Obscene EP - Classic
Lance 'Land Shark' DeSardi does the business on 'Latin Love', while 'Insania' is a nice bouncy, techy little number

David Guetta - Just A Little More Love [Pete Dafeet Remix] - CDR
At last Ibiza's 'Tune Of The Summer' gets a decent remix, courtesy of Loughborough's finest

Ciudad Feliz - You're So Nice [Jeremiah Revisit] - Silver
More top quality House music from the Silver City boys. Jeremiah's is the cut for me

Inland Knights - Wait A While - Drop
Stand-out track of the 'Backstage EP' by far. That vocal's infectious

Daniell Spencer & Funky Transport - Butterfly [Daniell's Herbal Rehab Mix] - Chez
A beautiful Deep House track in original form, the Herbal Rehab takes it on an old-school tip for a bit of dancefloor-friendliness

Jennifer Karr - Living On Love [JT's Love Dub] - Gallery
Wanted this for a long while, eventually got it a couple weeks ago. JT Donaldson turns in a top quality remake

Lance Desardi - Jazz Salad - Pacific Traxx
Same with the above, wanted this for a long while. Sexy, rolling House music

And the best of the rest...

Community Housin' - Galavanting - Flygaric
Bionic Bump Band - Boxbumps EP Part II - 2020
Pete Dafeet - Hey Papi - CDR
Dave Clarke - Way Of Life [Sneak's Rushed Vocal] - Skint
FilthyHotJizz - T.O Frontin' - LEG
ION - Ain't Missin You - CDR
Dubble D - Mingin' - 2020
DJ Pierre - Break It Down - Nitegrooves
Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard [Pete Dafeet Edit] - CDR
Beyonce - Krazy In Luv [Lego's Poontin Muzik Dub] - Columbia

comin' at ya

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Haha Did you steal my records ???

That is a good listing mate !!!

Really like that Jennifer Carr record !!

You heard the new John Larner and Slater Hogan record on Doubledown ?? Quality !!

Alex Williams

comin' at ya said:
Did you get those quotes off the Casa Music or the underground house board by the way ??


You're on Casa & UGH?

The charts by 'Allie' are all mine ;)

You mean the Slater & John on Lowdown? 'Top Of The World'? Sick track :twisted:

Alex Williams

comin' at ya said:
Yeah thats the one quality !!

Yeah I'm on the underground house and casa boards. Gotta keep busy at work


Under the same name?

Alex Williams

comin' at ya said:
Use a different name on UGH - and your right about those CDR's !!!

Any chance of a copy !!! :D

No :p

What you on UGH & Casa as?