Deep house : Coco Machete

got a real chilled out coco machete mix from sean holland called coco summer. i've been listening to it quite a bit recently
I'm not sure of it at all. It's aight, just doesn;t really do enough for me.

Lance's 'Tie Me Up' had the best vocal I've heard in a long time, but other than that, pretty flat.
comin' at ya said:
Pretty flat ??? Maybe a few listens will do the trick.

Please tell me your not one of the Hed Kandi crew ?? :D :D

No mate, I play Deep House. Here's this month's chart so you get a bit of an idea...

Aaliyah - If Yo' Girl Only Knew [ION Mix] - CDR
Possibly the best I've heard from ION yet, uses Aaliyah's vocal to full effect. Outstanding

Joe Active - She Found It Easy [Floppy Dub] - DiY
I hear Farina's been caning this one, and rightly so. Peej turns in a top-notch remix. Gonna be in the box for a long time...

Clay Acox - Keep On Dancin' [Jay-J's Dub] - Flat & Round
Yes, STILL! Can't get over that vocal, this is definately one of the best releases this year

Sean Smith - The Obscene EP - Classic
Lance 'Land Shark' DeSardi does the business on 'Latin Love', while 'Insania' is a nice bouncy, techy little number

David Guetta - Just A Little More Love [Pete Dafeet Remix] - CDR
At last Ibiza's 'Tune Of The Summer' gets a decent remix, courtesy of Loughborough's finest

Ciudad Feliz - You're So Nice [Jeremiah Revisit] - Silver
More top quality House music from the Silver City boys. Jeremiah's is the cut for me

Inland Knights - Wait A While - Drop
Stand-out track of the 'Backstage EP' by far. That vocal's infectious

Daniell Spencer & Funky Transport - Butterfly [Daniell's Herbal Rehab Mix] - Chez
A beautiful Deep House track in original form, the Herbal Rehab takes it on an old-school tip for a bit of dancefloor-friendliness

Jennifer Karr - Living On Love [JT's Love Dub] - Gallery
Wanted this for a long while, eventually got it a couple weeks ago. JT Donaldson turns in a top quality remake

Lance Desardi - Jazz Salad - Pacific Traxx
Same with the above, wanted this for a long while. Sexy, rolling House music

And the best of the rest...

Community Housin' - Galavanting - Flygaric
Bionic Bump Band - Boxbumps EP Part II - 2020
Pete Dafeet - Hey Papi - CDR
Dave Clarke - Way Of Life [Sneak's Rushed Vocal] - Skint
FilthyHotJizz - T.O Frontin' - LEG
ION - Ain't Missin You - CDR
Dubble D - Mingin' - 2020
DJ Pierre - Break It Down - Nitegrooves
Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard [Pete Dafeet Edit] - CDR
Beyonce - Krazy In Luv [Lego's Poontin Muzik Dub] - Columbia
Haha Did you steal my records ???

That is a good listing mate !!!

Really like that Jennifer Carr record !!

You heard the new John Larner and Slater Hogan record on Doubledown ?? Quality !!
comin' at ya said:
Did you get those quotes off the Casa Music or the underground house board by the way ??


You're on Casa & UGH?

The charts by 'Allie' are all mine ;)

You mean the Slater & John on Lowdown? 'Top Of The World'? Sick track :twisted:
comin' at ya said:
Yeah thats the one quality !!

Yeah I'm on the underground house and casa boards. Gotta keep busy at work


Under the same name?
comin' at ya said:
Use a different name on UGH - and your right about those CDR's !!!

Any chance of a copy !!! :D

No :p

What you on UGH & Casa as?