Deep Dish - GU#025 Toronto

Mark Sun

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Absolutely wicked CD!!

Can someone tell me why these guys put together such amazing compilations yet bore me to tears when I see em live??? Seen them 3 times and haven't rated them at all...
They played at Turnmills in London last night, I'd be interested to hear if anyone went.
I agree with you though there comps are good but everytime I've seen them play they've been dull.
sorry, i don´t agree with that.

i went over to amsterdam on 29th may to see them, and it was one of the best nights i ever had! completely sold out, we were really lucky that the bouncers let us in.
sander kleinenberg warmed up, and then deep dish was spinning 5 hours -it was absolutely awesome. ali started off playing diamond life (the version which is the first track on gu25), later he played a long-edit-version of coldplay - clocks (i think it was the original version + the dean coleman remix, about 20 min. long), he played also played the sultan remix of valentino - flying. then it was sharam´s turn and he played a bit "deeper", even a kind of tech-house sometimes.

the crowd was jumping for six hours, constantly crying for more... :eek:

all in all it was an absolutely mind-blowing set/night which i´ll never forget. i´ve never seen other djs who play that many styles, but always keeping that "dubby" sound, if you know what i mean...

hope amazon delivers my gu25 next monday :D
It's alright, not the best ever, not mindblowing, but pretty good.

Yeah Deep Dish are meant to be a lot better live than their albums suggest.

I'll tell you someone else who's CDs don't do him justice: DAVE SEAMAN. The guy is legenday live but his GU's don't do him justice, especially that Melbourne GU which is frankly awful.

Regarding GU going bust, can't remember what happened but they somehow sorted themselves out.

The futures deep & dark... :twisted:
Got this CD last night and think its bloomin really good but would agree with mark sun. everytime ive seen them live they've been good but didnt live up to expectations. :D