Dedicated Clubbing Map ?


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I've done heaps of searching and reading, Not being local I'm trying to piece the island together so I can stumble round in stupor with half an idea. I've got most clubs pegged but I'd love it if there was a sticky here or a map somwhere that had the clubs labelled on a map of ibiza.

Considering you have to go from one side to the middle, then to the other to absorb all clubs of notority and smaller venues,,,it would be great just to print out a map, with clubs only and the kebab shop, then have taxi, then have destination, will party. :D

Right now I'm a little putting my own together...but It ain't electronic and fancy that could possibly help others on this forum including me. Have a I missed it or it doesn't exist?

Rock on Pendulum!!!!If your in Ibiza right now!

See you all soon with map in hand!:D
All of the freebie mags have one in, they really are ten a penny. 9 times out of 10 you will easily be able to pick them up on the island.
this one gives you a general idea of where the main clubs are