Decent Hair Salon?


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One of the girlies I'm going with would like to know where she can find a posh hair salon. Any idea where the good ones are?
i would advise your friend to look at spanish girlie hairdo´s before she makes any decisions on going to the ´hairdressers´ unless of course she wants an 80´s big hair look in an aubergine colour.

my wife hasn´t found anywhere yet. keep an eye out for jobbing british mobile hairdressers - they´re probably your best bet!
Your friend could go to Antonio's, it's in Ibiza Town near the Croissant Show. Next to the hairdresser there's a bar called Soap Cafe...

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i didn't say mullet

i meant 80's in a 'dallas' kind of way.

but choose any salon - she'll get just that anywhere