Alright my lovlies, just one week left before I visit the white isle mecca, for the 13th time, and was wondering, which has been better this year, atmosphere wise,,,,,,,,,SPACE on Sundays or DC10.......

Give us a shout and let us know.....and have a wicked time those of you out there in the next few weeks.....SEPTEMBER ROCKS!!!!!!!

Da Man :D :D :D :D
yes do both.

we're comming down from sweden next weekend and will do both for sure. hope to see you there!

there should not be a SPACE or DC10 question. do both, as these are certainly the best clubs on Ibiza.

have fun!
Do both, if an old bint like me can manage to do both, then for you young pups it should just be like a stroll in the park ;)

Seriously what I do is get to Space for midday-ish on Sunday, stay at Space til midnights when the terrace closes, then go and chill somewhere and have a few beers cos I'm not keen on the inside of Space.

Get some kip around 4/5, get up at 8, have a bottle of wine in my appartment to limber me up again and then head down to DC10 for around 10am.

Sorted :lol:
well he was already there before the last post was done, so who knows what he has decided?

Personally I would have gone DC10
I did em both....

How could I afford to miss em both...what was I thinking....Space and Circo Loco rock.....bring it on summer 2003.... I WANT MORE>>>>>>>>>>> :D :D :D :D