DC10 Friday Night and Monday Morning.



Does anyone know who is scheduled to play on 23/8 and 26/8? I'm going to Ibiza for the first time on Friday (well, 1st time since I was 18 which was a LONG time ago, before I discovered the joy that is clubing). I'm only going 2b there for 3 nights and want to know whether to;

A) Not do MoS at Pacha and go to DC10 on Friday instead. :?:

B) Risk getting sacked by going back to work after an al-dayer at DC10 on Monday before flight home :twisted:
They don't announce who's playing at DC10, you always get the residents there Jo Mills and Tanya Vulcano and then other random DJs just pop up and do an improptu set.

We saw X-Press 2 there at the start of the summer and since then people I know have seen Tongy and Lottie plus there's been loads of others.

You have GOT to do DC10 on a Monday morning, it would be sooooo rude not to :D

As for Friday nights, I haven't been cos it's only just started but I'm thinking of going there in September when we go back instead of Ministry cos when we there in June, Ministry was so packed you could not even dance :twisted:
Thanks folks.

This time tomorrow I'll be coming in to land.

WOO-HOO!! :D :D :D