DC10 - Friday 15th August



I read about the extra Circo Loco parties on the thread below and was just wondering if anyone had any further info on this friday's party (e.g. what time does it start, have the guests been announced?).


Did anyone go to any of the other parties listed? What where they like?

I am going to the island on Thursday and can't wait to hit DC10 on friday.
You go thurs.....same day as me! 6.30 flight and i'm away!
Think we headin for pacha on fri, not arsed about Tong, but so want to see Guetta and Falcon!
yeah, going arrive in Ibiza at 11.55pm on thurs (I hope!) then going to try Sander K's night at Pin Up.

really fancy this dc10 party - went for the first time in sept last year and had a great time....think this birthday party on friday might be a bit special though. depending on the time dc10 finishes i might go to pacha afterwards - would love to hear David Guetta...not too fussed on Tong either - never have, to be honest.

Space on Sunday should be wicked, with Jeff Mills playing Inside.

How long are you going for LG?
Does anybody know if the Friday Circo Loco parties run at similar times to the Monday parties, or do they start and end later?

I'm only there for 5 nights...thats all i can afford! Think we land at 11.00pm! I shall be at DC10 on the monday.

Jeff Mills is playin inside at space for the closing set...i will have left by then as not a big fan of the indoors...need some rest before a messy monday at DC10!
...looking fwd to hearing Jeff Mills myself, should be a lot better than the prog bore-a-thons that we usually get Inside.

Plan to go back to the hotel for some sleep, then off to DC10 at 3-4pm on Monday....should be wicked!