DC10 Closing

Robo said:
i don't think dc10 advertise their line-ups

wrong!! :p

they announced the line-ups for the first time this year!! ;)

29th september:

residents: cirillo, tania vulcano, fabrizio, clive henry (peace division), manga, jo mills, andrew grant

guests: bushwacka, behrouz, mr. c, ricardo villalobos, dave piccioni, pete heller, dan ghenacia, damian lazarus, richy montanari, giancarlino, bingo&alex

plus: sossa, kikko messina, elio riso, gianfry, rene


(ziggy and the manumission girls at dc10. at the left: the poster of the pope smoking a joint :lol: )
Peter Heller is going to play at DC10 Closing Party??? :eek: :lol:
Yipiiiiiiii!!!! Years waiting to see him!!! :!: :!:
The countdown begins now.... 8)
Thanks McRackin :D

even more excited about the closing party now I've seen the line up

a bushwacka solo set cant wait
that's a fantastic line-up...as good as Space's IMO

Whoever's going to this...I hate you!
this party is called ' el marathon de eivissa ' , and a little bird
told me its going to be open until 20:00 in tuesday !