DC10 / Circoloco closing....

I'd like a bit more info on Circo Loco in terms of times, prices...

Is there really no way of finding out who'll be playing?
circoloco usually closes the monday after the Space closing party. The llast monday in September last year
I'll be doing a mad one at space on the sunday and will need sleep first, is it o.k getting to dc10 at about 4 in the afternoon?? or will it be closing shortly after??

cheers :D
That's the kind of info 'd like to know. When is Circo Loco open from and until?
opens at 6 am and closes whenever, get there about mid-day and you'll be fine, or you can go there straight from space!
kitten's head said:
Cheers! Who was playing?

I took a poster at the gasstation near the airport.


Tania Vulkano
Clive Henry (Peace Division)
Jo Mills
Andrew Grant
Special guest dj exclusive in Ibiza
John Creamer.

It was really great.

NB: Check out the latest dc10 cd. Mixed by Tania Vulkano & Fabrizio.
(+ Limited edition DVD of the DC10 experience)
Circo Loco is one club I have to go to this year. Just hope Judge Jules isn't playing. ;)
Hand on heart i think Jules is a pile of ****, however, i did hear play a funky set in the back room of a club a year or so ago and he had some funk m,int house stuff.....

Although i don't want to see him at DC10!
its one club that doesnt worry about the big name djs which is a bonus and if judge jules plays i'll eat my moped